Sunday, December 11, 2011

About Crafty Kelli's Baby Accessories

I hand craft and sew several items for babies, toddlers and childen. 

Items I make:
Pacifier Clips
Tag Lovies
Gift Sets
Burp Clothes
Changing Pads
Holiday Stockings
Bow Holders

Hand Appliqued Shirts for all ages:
Neck Tie shirts
I can make an applique of any design and make a shirt
Holiday designs

Everything I make can be custom ordered for no additional charges.  I can make almost any size shirt and prices depend on the price of the shirt.  To order, just email me at

To see more photos of what I have made/can make, please visit my Facebook page at

Thank you for visiting!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Vendors for Winter Wonderland Holiday Boutique

Only 2 more days until Winter Wonderland!!!

The vendors will be:

Crafty Kelli's Baby Accessories  (handcrafted baby/toddler items)
Becca w/ Thirty One Gifts  (personized bags, purses, totes & more)
Pam w/ Tatum's Handmade Crafts  (handmade cloth diapers, toys & more)
Cheyenne w/ Ostara Organics  (organic soaps & more)
Andrea w/ Scentsy  (wickless candles)
Southwestern Collections  (silver jewelry)
Monica w/ Wonder Seed Jewelry
Kathy w/ Kathy's Creations

Don't forget we will have Coffee by Organa Gold and cookies by Crafty Kelli for all to enjoy!

We hope to see you there!!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Winter Wonderland Holiday Boutique

Reminder that we have some great vendors coming to the boutique next weekend (Sat. Dec 3rd from 12:30-3:30 pm).  List of vendors is in a post below...

I have a few more being added this week and I will update as soon as I get their complete information.

We hope to see you Saturday at the Longmont Rec. Center!!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

New winner for package #7

Lisa Ward

Baby Rori's Wonderland (set of 3 chalkboard blocks)
Princess Tatis Tutus (crocheted booties)
Lea's Green is Fab (green and silver glittery bow AND $5 fab bucks)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Winter Wonderland update

So, we have several paid vendors now.   Come on Dec 3rd to the Longmont Rec Center to get some holiday shopping done with:

myself and Crafty Kelli's Baby Accessories
Becca and Thirty One Gifts
Pam and Tatum's Handmade Crafts
Cheyanne and Ostra Organics
Andrea and Scentsy
Lylian and Southwester Collections (silver jewelry)
Monica and Wonder Seed Jewelry

More to come....

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Winter Wonderland Holiday Boutique- INFO

SO here are the details for the Holiday Boutique.  It will be held at the Longmont Recreation Center on December 3, 2011 from 12:30-3:30 (vendors be there from 11:45-4).  You can email me at or if you can call me at 720-328-4348.  The vendors that have told me they will be attending (not paid yet) are:

Myself with Crafty Kelli's Baby Accessories (handcrafted baby items)-

Becca with Thirty-One Gifts (personalized bags and totes)

Janae Naber with Vault Denim

Pamela (handcrafted designer cloth diapers)

Cheyanne with Ostara Organics (organic soaps and things)

Alayna with Scentsy (wickless candles)

Holly with Uppercase Living

I am still taking vendors.  If you would like to be a vendor and you sell something other than the things shown above, please email me at

I am excited and looking forward to seeing everyone!  Happy Holidays!

WINNERS important info

Please contact the vendors to claim your prize within 48-72 hours.  Thank you all again for playing!

The winners are....

Crafty Kelli's Baby Accessories- Capelet (0-18/24 mos) (free shipping US & Canada)
The Ladybug Shop- bow of your choice ($2 shipping)

Package #2-- ANNE NACK
Crafty Kelli's Baby Accessories- Neck Tie Onsie/Tshirt; short sleeve up to 4t/5t (free shipping)
The Ladybug Shop- bow of your choice ($2 shipping)
RMG Creations- Name Banner up to 8 letters (color/theme of your choice) (free shipping)

Lily Maes Tutus- Custom Tutu up to size 4/5 (free shipping)
Crafty Kelli's Baby Accessories- Pooh 100 Acre Woods Lovie (free shipping)
4 Bows in a Row- Hello Kitty Bow w/ resin center (free shipping)

Whimsy Wildflower- $10 gift certificate
Risa's Crafty Pieces- $10 gift certificate
Bow Allure- Green Iredescent w/ LOVE hair clip (free shipping in US and Canada)
Crackerjack- Key Chain/Zipper Pull (with any bottlecap on hand) (free shipping in US; $2 to Canada)

Scentsy- Nursery Warmer and Newborn Nursery Bar ($5 shipping)

Package #6-- KIM GRECO
Sarahjaynes Boutique- Personalized Christmas Applique Shirt (free shipping)
The Sweet Bowtique- Holiday headband w/ 2 rosettes & candycane accent (free shipping to US)

Baby Rori's Wonderland- 3 Chalkboard Blocks ($2 shipping)
Princess Tati's Tutus- Crocheted booties (color in photo only; size 3-5 mos) (free shipping in US; $3 international)
Lea's "Green is Fab"- Pink and silver glittery bow & $5 Fab Bucks good for 1 week only ($2.50 shipping)

Package #8-- NADIA HILL
KnitRDone- Knitted Hat (free shipping)
Gigi's Glitzy Boutique- Boutique Bow up to $15 (free shipping)

Package #9-- AMANDA BARTEE
Risa's Crafty Pieces- Green Eggs and Ham set (free shipping in US)
Two Little Luv Bugs- Any bottlecap bow in the for sale album (excludes Limited Edition) ($2.50 shipping on first item; $.75 each item after that)
Fitzthum Boutique- Halloween Legwarmers

Package #10-- BONITA ADKINS
Heart of your Home- $15 gift certificate ($5 flat rate shipping)
Violet's Buds- Multi colored daffadil on french barrett (free shipping in US)
Spunky Monkey Legs- 50% off any pair of legwarmers (in fall/winter 2011 album) ($3 shipping)

Package #11-- ELYSE DEJONG
My Babykins Designs- Wipe Case from RTS album OR customized case with material on hand (free shipping in US)
The Ladybug Shop- Bow of your choice ($2 shipping)
Mommy Maid It- Bottlecap 4" flower or bow (free shipping in US and Canada)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Giveaway ends in 2 1/2 hrs. Did you follow the rules?

If you entered the giveaway, you should be "following" this blog.  So I want to be sure my rules were clear.  You MUST have your name and email on your entries (at least 1 so that we know how to contact you).  You also MUST be a fan of all vendor pages.  This will be verified.  I will be drawing winners through tonight and sending emails to the vendors for verification.  If you are not a fan of any of their pages, you will be disqualified.  If you did not leave any personal information on your entry, the entry will not count.  Thank you for playing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Good luck!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Winter Wonderland Holiday Boutique

I am hosting a holiday boutique in Longmont, CO. It will be held on Dec 3rd from 12:30 to 3:30 pm at the Longmont Rec. Center.  I will post the vendors as I receive their payment as confirmation.  So far 5 vendors have contacted me and I have several more people to reach out to.  I am hoping for 10 vendors and all of them will have awesome gift ideas for the holidays!  Hope to see you there. Come back and check periodically (or follow my blog so you get my updates) to see what vendors will be attending.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Giveaway information

This giveaway will be open to fans until 7pm MST on Nov. 7th.

Remember that all winners are verified before being announced so if you don't "LIKE" all the vendors, you will not win a prize package.  If you liked, shared and then unlike, we will be checking at the end of the giveaway.  THANKS to my loyal fans for making this year so great!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Fantastic (1500) Fans Giveaway

Giveaway RULES & Instructions:

You must "Like" ALL of the vendors Facebook pages (or send a friend request) to enter!  Links to each vendors page is listed next to their name, just click on it.  Also, follow this blog so that you will get the update when the winners are chosen.  Once you have done this part, please complete ONE (1) comment below saying you did step 1.  This is all that is required to enter.  Please show the vendors some love if you have the time (not required).


If you have trouble leaving a comment, please email me at with all of the information needed and I will post the comment for you as soon as I get your message.

To get extra entries you may:
**Share this giveaway on your FB page and/or blog. Once this is done, leave ONE (1) comment saying you completed this step.
**You can earn up to 26 extra entries by making a purchase from the vendors.  For each purchase you make (no minimum value), please leave ONE (1) comment below with your name and the name of the vendor you made the purchase from.  This will be verified for the entry to count.  Only 1 purchase per vendor will count as an extra entry.

Disclaimer:  This giveaway is in no way affilitated with Facebook.  This is merely a way for small businesses to gain some exposure (fans) and spread the word about their product.  You are not required to make any purchases, but doing so will increase your chances of winning.  Lastly, PLEASE continue to follow my blog and like all the vendors after this giveaway is over.  Unliking any of the vendors after you have (or have not) won something would just be rude!  Thank you for your understanding.  We work hard to network and give away our products in doing so.  THANK YOU

There will be ONE (1) winner for each PRIZE PACKAGE:

Prize Package #1

Crafty Kelli's Baby Accessories-
1 Capelet (sizes 0-18 mos but fits up to 24 mos) your choice of colors
value: $30 and free shipping to US and Canada

The Ladybug Shop-!/pages/The-Ladybug-Shop/221485534574699
Bow of your choice
value: $6 (there is a charge for shipping of $2)

Prize Package #2

Crafty Kelli's Baby Accessories-
Neck Tie Onsie (fabrics are in my FB photos) sizes NB-4t
value $12-18 (free shipping to US and Canada)

The Ladybug Shop-!/pages/The-Ladybug-Shop/221485534574699
Bow of your choice
value: $6 (there is a charge for shipping of $2)

RMG Creations-
Name Banner (up to 8 letters, theme of your choice)
value: $10 and free shipping

Prize Package #3

Crafty Kelli's Baby Accessories-
Pooh 100 acre woods Tag Lovie
value: $13 and free shipping

LilyMae's Tutus-
Custom Tutu up to size 4/5
value: $15 and free shipping

4 Bows in a Row-!/pages/4-Bows-in-a-Row/274402989259142
Hello Kitty Bow w/ Resin Center (similar to photo but HK)
value : $7 and free shipping

Prize Package #4

Whimsy Wildflower-
$10 gift certificate

Bow Allure-
Green iredescent w/ Love hair clip
value: $4.95 (shipping free to US and Canada)

Keychain/Zipper Pull with any bottle cap design on hand)
value: $1.50 (free shipping to US; $2 to Canada)

Risa's Crafty Pieces-
$10 gift certificate

Prize Package #5

Scentsy (Jessica Varwig- Independent Consultant)-
**This giveaway is not open to Scentsy consultants**
Nursery Warmers and Newborn Nursery Bar
value: $35 (there is a $5 shipping fee)

Prize Package #6

Sarajaynes Boutique-
Personalized Christmas Applique Shirt (sample photo below)
value: $20 and free shipping

The Sweet Bowtique-
Holiday Headband w/ 2 rosettes & candycane accent (can go on a clip too)
value: $9 and free shipping in US only

Prize Package #7

Princess Tatis Tutus-
Crocheted Booties (this color only; 3-5 mos)
value: $15 (free shipping to US and $3 international)

Baby Rori's Wonderland-
Set of 3 Chalk Board Blocks
value: $5 (there is a $2 shipping fee)

Pink and Silver Glittery Bow and 5 fab bucks
value: $7 (there is a $2.50 shipping charge)

Prize Package #8

Knitted Hat
value: $16 and free shipping

Boutique Bow up to $15
value: $15

Prize Package #9

Green Eggs and Ham crocheted set
value: $12 and free shipping in US only

Any Bottlecap Bow (in for sale album) excluding Limited Edition
value: $8 (there is a $2.50 shipping charge on the first item and $.75 each item thereafter)

Fitzthum Boutique-!/pages/Fitzthum-Boutique/152487438157266
Halloween Legwarmers
value: $10

Prize Package #10

$15 gift certificate (forfeit any unused amount)

Multi colored daffadil on french barrett
value: $9 and free shipping to US only

50% off any leg warmers in her fall/winter 2011 album
value: $3 (there is a $3 shipping charge)

Prize Package #11

Wipe Case (from ready to ship album) or personalized case (with material on hand)
value: $18 and free shipping to US only

Bow of your choice
value: $6 (there is a $2 shipping charge)

Bottlecap 4" flower or bow
value: $3.50 and free shipping to US and Canada

Fall Fantastic Fans Giveaway (1500) COMING SOON!!!

We will be having our 1500 fan giveaway any day now. Just 14 fans to go!  I have SO many awesome vendors and will be making prize packages this time so each winner will be sure to get a great prize!  Join the fun very soon!

2 exciting new items!

Our Capelet for infants and toddler girls is a fun way to stay warm on a winter day/night.  $30 without pompoms and $35 with pompoms.

Neck Tie Tshirts and onsies for boys (girls coming soon).  These range from $12-18 (depending on the price of the shirt).  Make getting dressed for the holidays (or any day) more fun!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Winner #2 is....

Dana McCurdy.  Please contact me within 24 hrs or a new winner will be chosen.
Thanks for playing!

Winner to this mini giveaway is...


Since I don't have any other contact info, please email me at within 24 hrs or a new winner will be chosen.

Thank you all for playing!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thanks for helping me get to 1300 LIKES! GIVEAWAY

Since we reached 1300 tonight (I was at about 1258 this morning, this is awesome), I will give away a Halloween Neck Tie Onsie AND a Pooh's 100 acre woods Tag Lovie! 2 lucky winners!  I will keep this open until tomorrow at 8pm MST and then choose a winner by  YOU MUST LIKE MY PAGE for your entry to count.

To enter, just comment here with your FAVORITE Crafty Kelli creation.  Again, you must be a fan of my page to win!

Thanks again guys!  You are AWESOME!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Exciting News

We are officially selling in Huckleberry Marketplace in Erie, CO.  I worked my tail off to get as much made as possible and we put everything in the store last week.  If you are in the area, check it out.  They offer so many options for gift buying!  Just in time for the holidays!  New name, new store, new products, check it out!

Not the greatest picture of my things.  A little cramped right now and I don't have my displays up yet.  Will post a new picture soon!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

And the winners are...

Sorry this took so long.  I had to get everyone verifired and then I tried to post these this morning and blogger wasn't working for me.  Anyhow, I posted the winners on Facebook earlier but here they are again!  You have 72 hrs to claim your prize on the vendors page.  Also be aware that a few of these have expiration dates.  Check that in the giveaway post!

Crafty Kelli- Owl Blanket Ashley Tiblier

Fitzthum Boutique- Leg Warmers

Jamie Mahlum

Your First Words Photog- $15 GC

Shannon Gammon

2 Peas Boutique- Teal Felt Headband

Laura from Piggy Toes Photog

Violets Buds- $5 GC

Sara Tullos

SugartotsUSA- Feeding Gift Basket

Bonita Adkins

Amys Photo Work- Mini Session in Toledo area
The Clayburn Family

MyRubberStamp- Stamp of your choice

Melanie Briggs

February Design- Owl Hat

Erin Noie with Erin Noie Photog

Popcorn Pixels- $50 GC

Shelly Meadows

KNP Actions & Templates- Eye Candy Action
Lisa Karges with Lisa Karges Photog

Zebras & Lace Boutique- Ballet Tutu

Samantha Cencer

Lil Binks Boutique- $15 GC

Wendy Goodwin

Family Traditions Crafts- $15 GC

Whimsy Wildflower/Amanda Anderson

The Shop Around the Block- 20% off

Amanda Kaye Grant

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Winners are being verified

I have chosen a winner for each prize and sent the list to the vendors.  I have asked them to confirm that the winner of THEIR prize has liked their FB page.  If everything is good and they get back to me quickly, then I will post the winners ASAP!  Thank you for your patience!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THE GIVEAWAY!!!!! please read immediately...

IMPORTANT Note about the Giveaway...
**If you didn't leave an email, you will have 72 hrs to get in touch with the vendor that you won a prize from. Winners listed on the blog by tomorrow afternoon.
**If I can't find your on FB to confirm you liked my page and the vendors page AND shared the giveaway, you will not win a prize. If you forgot any of this, please email me right away so I can confirm!

Giveaway is CLOSED

Thank you all that participated.  I will be picking winners in the morning.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Giveaway dates extended

See the giveaway below.  Only change is that you will now have until 9pm, MST on Tuesday, Sept 6th to enter.  Since it is the holiday weekend, I wanted everyone have a chance.  THANKS!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The 500 Club-- GIVEAWAY

15 Vendor and over $300 in product!

Ok so here are the rules!  You MUST "Like" all of the vendors Facebook pages AND "follow" this blog to enter.  Once you have liked them all, come back here and post 1 (ONE) comment saying you did so.  All winners WILL be verified!  There are 2 ways to get additional, bonus entries.  You must Like all vendors first to qualify.  Get one extra entry if you SHARE this giveaway on your FB page (make sure you mark it public so that I can see you did this). Leave 1 (ONE) comment here saying you did this.  Also, get one extra entry if you have a blog and post about our giveaway and our awesome vendors on your blog.  When you do this one, please be sure to add the blog web address so I can see it and verify. 

**With ALL entries, be sure to leave a valid email address so we have a way to get in touch with you!

This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook.  It just a way for our vendors and I to get a fan base, spread the word about our product and lucky winners to have a chance to win some amazing, unique gifts!  PLEASE DO NOT "UNLIKE" ANY OF US AT THE END OF THIS GIVEAWAY!  That is just rude.  If you don't intend to become a fan, please do not enter!!!!!  That is just proper etiquette.  THANK YOU!

Lastly, there will be 1 winner for each vendor giveaway item.  I don't think it is fair that one person win numerous items so if you win one, that is it. I will redraw your name if it comes up again.  All winners are chosen by and your entry # is based on the order in which you posted your comment on the blog.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at  If you have trouble posting, email me and I will add you in!  Giveaway ends on Sunday, Sept 4th at NOON, MST!

Thank you and enjoy!!!

Item #1 from Crafty Kelli's Baby Accessories
Crafty Kelli's Baby Accessories makes handmade baby items such as Blankets, Taggy Blankets, Pacifier Clips, Burp Clothes and more to come this fall!
Up for grabs is a Minky Owls Stroller or Lap Blanket 
(Choose from fall colors or purple owls in bottom photo.) 
Value $30 and FREE shipping in US ($10 to Canada)

Item #2 from Fitzthum Boutique
Fitzthum Boutique specializes in custom hairbows and headbands but also has petti rompers, leg warmers and more.

Up for grabs is a pair of Halloween Leg Warmers (as pictured).
Value $7.00 AND Free shipping in US ($2.50 to Canada)

Item #3 from Your First Words Photography & Photo Props
Your First Words Photography is based in Harrisonburg, VA.  She also makes props such as crocheted hats and headbands.
Up for grabs is $15 gift certificate to her shop AND Free shipping

Item #4 from 2 Peas Boutique
"2 Peas Boutique creates fun and unique accessories for your little one."
Up for grabs is Teal Wool Felt Headband.
Value is $7.50 AND Free shipping in US.

Item #5 from Violets Buds
Violets Buds creates beautiful handmade hair accessories.
Up for grabs is a $5 gift certificate to her shop (expires 90 days from end of giveaway!)

Item #6 from Sugartots
Sugartots features Unique, Safe, Practical baby & toddler items: Gift Baskets, Gifts, Bathing, Feeding, Potty Training, Travel items & more.
Up for grabs is a Healthy Eating Feeding Basket for a boy OR girl. (see photos below)
Value is $25 AND Free shipping in US (only)

Item #7 from Amy's Photo Work
Amy's Photo Work is based in Toledo, Ohio.  Her passion shows in her work.
Up for grabs is a Mini Session including disk in the Toledo area.
Value is $80

Item #8 from My Rubber Stamp
My Rubber Stamp makes all kinds of stamps.  Their work is gorgeous and unique.  Crafty Kelli is in the process of producing a stamp with them for her growing business.
Up for grabs is ANY stamp of the winners choice (not pre inked or wooden).
Value starts at $17 AND Free shipping in US

Item #9 from February Design
February Design makes adorable crocheted hats.
Up for grabs is an Infant Owl Hat
Value is $25 AND Free shipping in US

Item #10 from Popcorn Pixels
Popcorn Pixels offers businesses the following: Business Logo, Watermark, Photoshop Brushes+ Actions, Business Card, Banner, Avatars, Blogs, Facebook, Brochure, Photographer Templates...and more!
Up for grabs is $50 Gift Certificate (check expiration date!)

Item #11 from KNP Actions and Templates
KNP Actions and Templates offers Photoshop Actions, Photoshop Templates, Custom OOAK Logos, Custom Watermarks, Custom Photoshop Brushes.
Up for grabs is a Brilliant Eye Candy Action
Value is $30

Item #12 from Zebras and Lace Boutique
Zebras and Lace Boutique is "a stay at home mom to 2 beautiful little girls with a passion for creating adorable things at affordable prices."

Up for grabs is a Ballet Tutu (sizes 6 mos- 10 yrs; choose from any in stock color)
Value is $12 AND Free shipping in US

Item #13 from Lil Binks Boutique
Lil Binks Boutique makes "Handmade Bows, Tutus, Embroidery, Photo Charms, and More!"

Up for grabs is $15 Gift Certificate to her shop AND Free shipping

Item #14 from Family Traditions Crafts
Family Traditions Crafts is a mother/daughter team that hand make different, unique items.  There is lots to choose from!
Up for grabs is a $15 Gift Certificate

Item #15 from The Shop Around the Block
The Shop Around the Block makes adorable, custom letter, name and picture blocks.

Up for grabs is a certificate good for 20% off in her store (shipping not included; check expiration date!).

Go "LIKE" all the vendor pages NOW!  Remember to click on "follow" to follow this blog too!

Giveaway will run from today, Aug 30th until Sun., Sept 4th at 12 NOON, MST.  All comments received after this time will be disqualified.