Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stroller Blankets

Here are 2 more stroller/lap blankets that I made yesterday. 

Red, White and Blue Baseball theme, made from fleece and flannel.  $25 (+ s/h)

Pink, green, brown and yellow circles in flannel and a green faux fur back.  So soft!  $30 (+ s/h)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Completed Orders

Here is a special order for a friend of mine.  She wanted pink and purple with either Princesses or Pooh.  I coulnd't find any Pooh in any color but blue.  Princesses was fairly easy.

Then another friend wanted a Taggy made from a material that had holes in it so that her daughter could sleep with it (breathing holes).  So I found a pink mesh polyester material that was soft enough to be used as a taggy.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

And we have Bibs

Bibs are $8 and can be made to match an outfit (as close as I can) or with any theme/color.  These are just too cute!

Sports Fans

I tried to put this up earlier.  I have made some sports themed items for a friend.  The Taggy Blanket is for the Laker fan.  Made from gold and purple (looks blue in the pic but it is purple) fleece and basketball ribbons.  The Pacifier Clips are baseball and basketball. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

New Items

Well, we didn't reach 100 fans on Facebook but that is ok.  We will keep trying!  If you like my stuff, recommend my blog to your friends.  When I reach that 100 fans, I will have a giveaway!

Here are some new things that I made this weekend.

New Pacifier Clip - Retro  $6 (+ s/h)

Pink Taggy Blanket  $8 (+s/h)

Hello Kitty Stroller and/or Lap Blanket  (28" x 34" made from fleece, fluffy soft pink fabric and satin trim) **this one is $30 (+ s/h)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


If I can get 100 fans by Monday, June 20th, I will have a giveaway (a free Pacifier Clip).  I know it isn't much but I am getting started and once I expand to bigger and better things, the giveaways will get even better!  Please join me in this new venture, the ride is sure to thrill!

How to enter:
1.  Like my Facebook page by clicking on the link to the right.

2. Suggest my page to your friends on Facebook.

3. Follow my blog and leave a comment below.

Thank you for your support!

Pacifier Clips

I got 2 more designs made today.

Aqua Universal Pacifier Clip made from cotton fabric.  $6 (+s/h).

Polka Dot Universal Pacifier Clip $6 (+s/h).

Getting Crafry

I decided that I needed something more than taking care of the kids and cleaning house to keep me going.  So I decided to make some items for my kids, niece and friends babies.  After that, I thought, why not try and sell them.  So I posted a few things on today and thought I would start a blog as well.  Here you can follow me and my homemade baby items.  I am starting with Mini Taggy Blankets and Pacifier Clips.  I plan on expanding to blankets, bibs, burp clothes and possibly dresses if I get inspired.

How am I qualified?  I started sewing really young.  My grandmother sewed and every time I was with her, I wanted to use her sewing machine.  I remember the day she got a really cool, high tech (at that time) machine that would make little roses and things in the stitching.  I couldn't wait to try it out.  When I started middle school, I knew right away that I wanted to take Home Ec.  I loved it and with my grandmothers guidance, I made several things, from a doll to a skirt and blouse.  When I was real young, I loved making clothes for my dolls. My grandmother was an awesome seamstress and I can only hope to be as good as her someday.

My first items. These can be made from any material in any color and/or theme.

Universal Pacifier Clip $6 (+ s/h)

Mini Taggy Blanket $8 (+ s/h)